10 Lessons Learned After The Launch: The Train for Humanity

By jschlosser • November 4th, 2008

Train for Humanity: One Month After Launch 10 Lessons Learned

Mark Hayward shares ten lessons he learned about launching a non-profit via social media. He offers some really good insight into what he went through in starting his organization.  Train for Humanity is an innovative new humanitarian project trying and generate some awareness and raise funds for folks who are facing a dire situation.

The two of the Ten Lessons Learned are recapped below:

1. Don’t wait to take action –  If you have an idea that you would like to pursue, do yourself a favor and GET started today.

2. It’s OUR cause
–  Whether you’re looking to launch a business, product, or non-profit organization, it’s important to remember (and one thing I have certainly learned) that you always have to be educating the end user and your target market.

Read the full article at Train for Humanity – One Month After Launch: Ten Lessons Learned


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