$15,000 Closed-Door Session Now Available To Successful Internet Marketers

By jschlosser • November 3rd, 2008

I want to take a moment and introduce you to Yanik Silver, a friend and one of the most successful internet marketers in the US.  He is getting ready to release a new opportunity that is designed to make you more money, allow you to have more fun, and give back more on top of all that!  All things that Excellent Marketing Group believes in and highly supports through our coaching and services.  With the success of his 8 Sure Fire Marketing programs (there is a list of them at the bottom of this post), he has now been solely focused on his new Maverick Business Adventures® concept. It’s a combination of thrilling adventures, business sessions and giving back through charity and education to empower future entrepreneurs. 

With a steep membership fee and strict qualifications there’s only a small, select group of top gun entrepreneurs who can be part of Maverick Business Adventures®. But there is a much larger group who aspire to what Maverick stands for (and the information revealed during our closed-door sessions).

Namely “Making more, having more fun and giving back more!”

That’s why he’s created the “Maverick Business Insider” newsletter. Please mark this date – November 6,
2008. (Yes, 2 days after the election because our theme is ‘creating your own freedom’.)

For only paying a shipping and handling fee of $7.95, take a look at what you’ll get:

** “The $15,000 Closed-Door Session” DVD. This from the first Maverick Business Adventures® experience in Baja, Mexico, where I got up and gave brand new information on “Instant Leverage Points in Your Business”. 

These are little tweaks and spots you can create massive (and nearly instant) profit increases in your business. It would have cost people $15,000.00 to be there and this is the first time he is releasing it.

(To give you a gauge for information – here’s what Jesse James, media icon and $200M business owner said after hearing this presentation: “I was pretty surprised when I came down… I showed up to help them but they’re actually helping me…”)

** “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs” book and 2 CD-set Audio. After 300+ blog comments about my ’34 rules’ – I decided to expand these into a full blown book and nearly 1 ½ hours of audio explaining the rules in depth. 

** First month of the Maverick Business Insider newsletter.  I interview Mike Geary, who is selling $3M+ with just ONE ebook on Clickbank. His story is remarkable because he only started figuring it all out 2 years ago and truly lives the Maverick Lifestyle. Mike works about 1 hour/day to run his budding online empire — and during ski season, he hits the slopes every single day. Subscribers get a candid interview with the full transcript and the entire audio.

** Plus a cool mindmap and fold-out “34 rules” poster 

So don’t miss this incredible opportunity to jump-start your business dream.  Remember, on November 6, 2008 go sign up for the Maverick Business Insider newsletter and receive bonus materials valued at over $15,000.  The monthly newsletter will consist of candid interviews with other Maverick members, who are self-made millionaires, and understand how to create a work/life balance, while having a positive impact on the world and their community by giving back. These are the real-life people who are quietly making fortunes on and offline and have cracked the code.

I really don’t see anything else in the marketplace that is speaking about not just the making money aspect, but amore balanced approach of having more fun and giving back more at the same time. 

Some of the other incredible products available from Yanik are:

Instant Sales Letters 
Instant Internet Profits
Auto Responder Magic
Million Dollar Emails 
Mind Motivators
Public Domain Riches


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