5 Ways to Fire Up Your Audience with your Introduction

By jschlosser • February 7th, 2009

This is an excerpt review from Craig Valentine’s blog –
Craig Valentine’s “Edge of Their Seats” Public Speaking Blog!
How to keep your audiences leaning on your every word while you make them TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)

Your introduction flavors your entire speech. You can use it to get the audience fired up and excited about what they are going to hear, or you can use it to boost yourself up in their eyes. You can use it to whet their appetite with the valuable tools they are sure to get from your presentation, or, again, you can use it to boost yourself up in their eyes. Here is one thing I know for sure; once Craig Valentine changed his introduction from me-focused to you-focused, he gave himself an extreme advantage before he even said one word. You will too.

An effective introduction is the difference between starting off in a hole or on solid ground. Here are some nuts and bolts tools you can use in your introduction to get off to a great start with your very next speech. Do not go into your next speech without them.

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