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By jschlosser • November 17th, 2008

What if you could have a software that helped you to track all your Google Adwords campaigns, website traffic and article marketing efforts so you could tell which keywords brought targeted prospects to your website? Is Affiliate Prophet a Rehashed Software or Great Conversion Tool?.

Wouldn’t that be really neat? Tracking is very important to your online success. Instead of marketing blindly, you need to know where traffic is coming from especially with Google Adwords campaign.

You will lose a lot of money if you don’t manage your campaigns wisely through tracking.

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Keeping a closer eye on your keyword conversion rate will help you to realize which keywords are working and which ones are not. Marketing has a lot to do with testing. However, the only way you can test the market is to have a resource that will help you to measure your efforts so that you focus on your marketing methods especially the ones that are bringing more traffic to your website.

This will allow you to tweak your web page copy by adding the keywords that are converting. You would also be able to extract or remove the keywords that are not converting from your Google Adwords campaign. Is Affiliate Prophet a Rehashed Software or Great Conversion Tool?.

This is called performance marketing. If a keyword is not performing, then it affects your bottom line. You can use tracking software to test and pull your keywords in a narrower time increment. Armed with this key information will give you the edge over your competitors and make your ad campaigns more effective. You will be able to improve your ads or select the best keywords for your ad campaign.

Google Adwords does offer a free keyword tool that gives a lot of information that you can use to monitor your keywords and see what other competitors are paying for each keyword. However, this is not the only aspect of performance marketing. You want to know which keywords are profitable for your target market. It is better to know the exact keyword that brings a prospect to your web page.

There are many things to factor in with determining adword conversion so having software that can track your efforts is vital for generating sales and not just visitors to your website. When you are promoting a product, you need to have organized information and details that will give you enough leverage to make advertising decisions that will make you money.

Internet marketers who engage in tracking their marketing efforts do fair better than those who don’t. Affiliate Prophet software is a new tracking software that gives you the tools that you need to be profitable online.

It is a handy tool that increases conversion and sales and allows you to organize your marketing efforts. You can read more about the concept of Affiliate Prophet and how you can use it in your online business on my Affiliate Prophet blog here at How to track your conversions with Affiliate Prophet.

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