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How To Launch Your Coaching Product On 1st January

It’s not often you come across a product or service that you can wholeheartedly endorse, but this is one of those times.  I’ve just made a special arrangement to get you FREE access to a not-to-be-missed webinar with my colleague Nicola Bird of Six Weeks To Launch * * * * * * * […]

10 Traffic Strategies To Consider

The following is a short list of Guerrilla Marketing strategies that Mitch Meyerson discussed at the recent Business Success Secrets : Boost Your Sales with Online Marketing conference in Atlanta, GA last week. Most of these are free to implement.

Must Have Resource for Small Business Owners and Savvy Online Marketers!

‘Success Secrets of Social Media Marketing Superstars’ is just that. Many of today’s superstars’s on social media marketing, like Mari Smith, Joel Comm, Chris Brogan, Mitch Meyerson, Paul Colligan, Craig Valentine and many more, have given great, simple to implement tips that can help you navigate the maze of social media marketing and potentially skyrocket your business profits.

Jeff Johnson’s Sneak Peek Traffic Voodoo Video

Jeff Johnson just posted a special Sneak Peek Video on his blog. If you don’t know who Jeff is… Just trust me on this… If you want to get more traffic, especially free traffic… then Jeff is the man you want to listen to. His blog is jam-packed with killer traffic-getting tutorials, and the best […]

Association Of Work At Home Women

I’m sure there are many different ways that most of you could already call yourself successful; a good marriage… beautiful children… a good job… a college education… maybe you even have a successful business…

Raising Support – Dunamis Fellowship

I have just returned from attending the annual Dunamis Fellowship meeting in Black Mountain, NC that brings together international leadership from all over the world once a year to discuss, plan and discern the direction for the ministry. The nonprofit ministry is called Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International ( ) led by Dr. Brad Long, and I had been invited to give a talk on ‘Raising Support.’

Get Help From Experts During The Economic Crisis

Running your own company is no easy task but in today’s unstable economical climate the challenge to succeed has become more difficult to achieve. Most new businesses often struggle to remain in business past their 1st year and you aren’t really safe until you have been around for about 10 years.

10 Lessons Learned After The Launch: The Train for Humanity

Mark Hayward shares ten lessons he learned about launching a non-profit via social media. He offers some really good insight into what he went through in starting his organization. Train for Humanity is an innovative new humanitarian project trying and generate some awareness and raise funds for folks who are facing a dire situation.

Great Ideas for First Time Visitors

This isn’t your Grandma’s Welcome Packet … OK, so you are experiencing an increase in visitors to your church. You see a lot of new faces and your greeters are telling you they are meeting a lot of people. However, you’re not seeing an increase in actual visitor cards being filled out. If those visitors […]