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Supporting PRMI’s Cyberspace Ministry Unit

Thank you for clicking through to this page.  That shows me you believe in the mission and vision of PRMI and are on the team to support me and my family through your prayers and financial support.  On this page you can do two things – sign up to receive periodic emails from me that […]

9 Inexpensve Promotional Products For Your Business

Most companies tend to pull back on their promotional marketing efforts in an economical downturn. However, that is probably the worst thing a company can do. Statistics have shown that those companies that continue to market and promote their brand through these difficult times, are the ones that survive it. Advertising and marketing doesn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money. In fact promotional products are a great way to advertise your product, service or business and provide useful items at the same time.

Useful Info About 4 Benefits Why You Should Use Video Marketing To Increase Traffic

Video marketing is a fast growing technique. Many new website owners are turning to this method in order to drive targeted video traffic to their sites each day.

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Audience with your Introduction

An effective introduction is the difference between starting off in a hole or on solid ground. Here are some nuts and bolts tools you can use in your introduction to get off to a great start with your very next speech. Do not go into your next speech without them.

12 Questions To A Better Website

Creating a website can be a daunting task, or it can be an easy, enjoyable one. Which do you prefer? There are a number of easy to use templates and services that can get you online very quickly. I’ll be discussing those options in future posts, but right now I want to give you 12 questions to a better website and talk about what you need to be asking yourself before you push the upload button.

New Digital Media Downloads A Hit!

Now, you can make your promotion even more exciting. Digital Choice allows you to offer customers their choice of many digital entertainment premiums; giving them the power to choose a gift that best suits their ever changing tastes and lifestyles.

Raising Support – Dunamis Fellowship

I have just returned from attending the annual Dunamis Fellowship meeting in Black Mountain, NC that brings together international leadership from all over the world once a year to discuss, plan and discern the direction for the ministry. The nonprofit ministry is called Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International ( ) led by Dr. Brad Long, and I had been invited to give a talk on ‘Raising Support.’

Holiday Gift Catalog – Ashworth and Callaway Golf Giveaways!


Apart from sending out my daily devotional ‘Good Morning’, most of you know that I also coach small businesses and nonprofit leaders, provide graphic design services, and sell promotional products.

10 Lessons Learned After The Launch: The Train for Humanity

Mark Hayward shares ten lessons he learned about launching a non-profit via social media. He offers some really good insight into what he went through in starting his organization. Train for Humanity is an innovative new humanitarian project trying and generate some awareness and raise funds for folks who are facing a dire situation.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of an affiliate program in exchange for a commission per sale.