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Killer Sales Video

Check out this new video sales program – as good as Avatar the movie!

The Source For All Things Video

I have recently been using my Flip Video camera to record videos teaching Guerrilla marketing concepts. It is by far the best hand held video camera your money can buy. Nothing has the functionality or simplicity of use that the Flip Video camera has.

NEW! Economic Stimulus Plan Now Available!

Most businesses these days cannot afford to retain their marketing departments or have had to greatly reduce staff. Under our “New Deal” stimulus plan, Excellent Marketing Group can become your full blown marketing department, without the cost of costly employee benefits or overhead expenses.

Promotional Products and the Work Place

In a Baylor University study, 76 percent of respondents could recall an advertiser’s name on a promotional product they had received in the past year. And 3 out of 4 said they kept the product because it was useful.

Check your desk, your pocket, purse or car. Chances are you have useful items with a company’s logo all around you every day.

Great Ideas for First Time Visitors

This isn’t your Grandma’s Welcome Packet … OK, so you are experiencing an increase in visitors to your church. You see a lot of new faces and your greeters are telling you they are meeting a lot of people. However, you’re not seeing an increase in actual visitor cards being filled out. If those visitors […]