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David Pogue reviews the Flip Video Ultra

David Pogue, a reporter from the New York Tiimes, reviews the Flip Ultra. He uses an ingenious way of demonstrating how superior the Flip Video is to modern day camcorders and digital cameras. Check it out!

Flip Video Camera Review – Mino vs. Ultra

In my opinion, the Flip Video Ultra is the way to go if you are just starting to get into the whole video on the web craze. For starters it costs less than the Mino and does just about all the same things. I truly believe this is the future of connecting with your clients and customers. By instantly showing them a new product or highlighting a great find at a trade show, you build relationship and trust in expressing interest in their needs. This gadget allows you to connect in almost real tiime by simply connecting to a laptop that has an internet connection.

Computer Bags that Work – Gemline

Examples of the new approved style of computer bags to make getting through airport security a breeze.

New Checkpoint-friendly Computer Bags; Gemline leading the way

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Somewhere, it’s engraved in stone: “Thou shalt remove thy laptop from thy bag.”

Incentive Travel Trips – To Motivate or Not To Motivate?

Motivation is at the center of any great organization. If you can lead your tribe by making them feel wanted and apprecited, the results are usually going to be positive. Recent news reports of large corporations taking huge, glamourous, and expensive incentive travel trips after being bailed out by the government has really put a clamp on these kinds of reward trips, across the board. Even if the company is above board about it, they do not want to give the “wrong impression.”

Free Tips About Inexpensive Promotional Items

Giving out promotional items can be very expensive, so why not get the recipients to pay? Better still, why not get them wanting to come back for more and really increase your sales?

Rather than distributing inexpensive promotional items that your recipients don’t really want and aren’t likely to keep, why not add some perceived value to the item?

How to Exploit Promotional Pens for Advertising Purposes Properly

The good old promotional pen can be used as a powerful advertising tool. There are many varieties about and you will see and use them all of the time. From giveaways, to left on shop counters and well positioned in hotel rooms, they are hammering their message down our throats all of the time.

Your Free Time Proven Advice About Promotional Bottle Openers

Promotional bottle openers can usually be designed and printed to your preferred 2d shape. They aren’t exactly expensive so are well worth buying and distributing in huge quantities. But once you have bought 500, 1000 or more – just how are you going to get them from the boxes and to your interested public? Here’s […]

5 Major Strengths of Promotional Products

A promotional product is any item of usefulness that carries an imprinted message that is given free and without obligation. Chances are that if you look around your car, your purse, or your home, you will find items that bear the logo or message of some company wanting you to remember them. Promotional products can also be offered as recognition awards or thank you gifts to people as an acknowledgment for the action they have already taken.

Promotional Products and the Work Place

In a Baylor University study, 76 percent of respondents could recall an advertiser’s name on a promotional product they had received in the past year. And 3 out of 4 said they kept the product because it was useful.

Check your desk, your pocket, purse or car. Chances are you have useful items with a company’s logo all around you every day.