Do you know that you are called to do something extraordinary and special, but just don’t know how to start?

Excellent Marketing Group, a subsidiary of Excellent Adventures!, Inc., will help you effectively bring more exposure to your nonprofit or small business through the application of our Guerrilla Marketing Coaching, identity design packages, and promotional communication solutions. With our 18 years of experience, we know what works and how to help you experience the freedom that comes with living the life you have always dreamed of.

Simplicity –

By allowing Excellent Adventures!, Inc. to walk with you through this process, you won’t be out there all by yourself trying to figure out how begin. Our simple 12 step evaluation of your organization will help you clearly define and categorize your vision and purpose.

A Better Life –

Once the evaluation has been completed, we then look at over 100 useful and simple strategies to promote your nonprofit to your donors and constituents. These strategies can be implemented with little or no time required on your part, allowing more time for you to spend with your family.

Professionalism –

Don’t worry! Leave the communication strategy to us! You can rest assured that Excellent Adventures! Inc. approaches every project with a great deal of professionalism and excellence. You benefit from our many years of experience in marketing, project management and executive coaching. We will help you create a simple 7-Step Marketing Plan that gets results!

Saving Money –

The bottom line – All of these solutions will save you time and money! As a nonprofit or small business, you just don’t have the resources that other, larger organizations have. We understand that. Helping you to be better stewards of the resources you have – time, money, people – is what we do best. Now that money saved can now be directed towards the actual cause or ministry work your organization is doing.

Satisfaction and Privacy Guaranteed –

At any time, if you feel the strategies we discuss are not helping your organization, Excellent Marketing Group will refund the fees paid over the previous 30 day period, no questions asked. We value you as our client and your success is our success. If your not happy, neither are we and we will always work with your best interest in mind (2 Chronicles 31:21 NIV).

We never share your information with anyone either – everything is kept strictly confidential. We will only use the information you provide to contact you regarding your account.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to give me a call at 404-784-1008 or email Joe Schlosser to immediately get started on your way to success and a new life! I like to have a quick conversation either via email or over the phone to determine if we’d be a good fit for each other.

I generally start out with new clients in one of two ways:

One-Hour Coaching Session – $ 250 /hr


I’ll spend an hour with you, either on the phone or through on online meeting with a phone/web connection, working through whatever you’d like to discuss.The coaching must take place all at one time (rather than 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there). This is a great way to get some fast, solid advice and also test-drive me as a coach for you and your organization. The total fee is $250/hr, which must be paid up front. Your satisfaction is money-back guaranteed 100%.


Coaching Retainer – $ 1100 / mo


Includes 5 hours of coaching per month ( $1100/mo ) and some additional answers/responses via email. An agreed upon time is set each week for a 60 minute conference call, where I help you establish your goals and identify roadblocks to success. Goals are established, working plans created and I help hold you accountable to achieve your success. Full payment for the month is required upfront. Your satisfaction is money-back guaranteed 100%. To be completely transparent, additional graphic design work or collateral material may be needed and is typically generated during this coaching period, at our standard additional costs listed in the DESIGN section on our website

NEW!  Economic Stimulus Plan now available! – $ 3600 / mo or $43,200 / yr

Most businesses these days cannot afford to retain their marketing departments or have had to greatly reduce staff. Under our “New Deal” stimulus plan, Excellent Marketing Group can become your full blown marketing department, without the cost of costly employee benefits or overhead expenses.

This package includes up to 15 hours of my time per month, which can be utilized through either guerrilla marketing coaching, creating graphic design and collateral material development, or developing promotional marketing strategies that all work toward your success. A 7 step marketing plan will be created and I will work personally to help you implement the agreed upon steps and help you attract more business.

Did you realize there are over 200 free or low cost solutions available to small business owners today?  We try to take advantage of each one.  The principles of Attraction Marketing are also implemented to bring prospects to your site.

Standard reimbursement expenses will be submitted each month for materials used to produce the work, based upon an agreed to project proposal. Under this plan, I am ‘Always Available For The Outcome You Desire’ TM. Full payment for the month is required upfront. Your satisfaction is money-back guaranteed. I work with only a limited number of clients in this capacity, to ensure the highest and best customer service possible.

Don’t wait another second!  Contact me today to get started on your way to more success!

What Exactly Will I Do as Your Coach?

It really depends on your needs. Here are just a few examples of how I can help:

  • Figuring out ways to get the word out about a new program
  • Spotting best practices you may be overlooking
  • Identifying better ways to tell your story
  • Helping you identify your target audience
  • Utilize social media to the fullest extent
  • Sketching out an editorial calendar
  • Suggesting interesting hooks for a press release
  • Creating a marketing plan that works

Please note that while I’m willing to get into the nitty-gritty details with you, I won’t actually do the work for you under a coaching arrangement. I’m not going to write a strategy for you or design a template for your e-mail newsletter. I will help you learn how to do it yourself, and do it well.

Will I Do the Work for You as a Consultant?

I’m devoting nearly all of my time to training and coaching, but I’m taking on only a handful of consulting clients each year and only considering new clients with minimum contracts of $10,000. If you have an interesting project in that range, I’m happy to discuss it with you.

To learn more or to discuss a project, contact me.

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