Website Features

A full-featured Website Content Management System that’s so easy to use.

We don’t aim to build a CMS that does everything. We just provide what the vast majority of websites need to get real results online. And we do it in a way that keeps learning curves short, because we know that makes things much easier on you as a small business owner or nonprofit leader. That said, EMG-CMS offers a ton of features that you will love.

Here are some things it can do. It’s all included at no extra cost.

Check out this list of great features all built into the EMG-CMS. Want to try things out first hand? Just contact us to set up a free account and you’ll get a fully-functional, 3-page website at no cost to use for as long as you want. (Standard design rates may apply)

WYSIWYG editing

Our web-based editor is so easy to use. It lets you edit text, add images, embed media, create links, and much more – all through simple-to-use tools.


Add a blog to your website in just seconds and start posting immediately. It’s all built-in. You get automatic archiving, tagging / categories, comments with moderation and spam protection, syndication with XML RSS, and more.


Easily integrate video from popular services like YouTubeTM, Vimeo, and You can also upload and embed your own video using Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, or many other popular formats.

Photo gallery

The absolute simplest photo gallery tool. Just upload your digital images and you’ve got an instant slide-show built right in. Choose from a variety of ways to display your images. Also, you can reorder, rename, and even add rich-text captions to your images.

Form builder

Quickly add contact forms, surveys, sign-up forms, applications, registrations and more with our elegant form builder, Icebrrg, which is seamlessly integrated into the EMG-CMS. Get entries emailed to you or export them to a spreadsheet.


The EMG-CMS was built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Standards-based mark-up, clean code, 301 redirection, robots.txt, easy Google Analytics integration, meta tag editing on every page, and sitemap tools make sure your website gets great rankings.


Syndicate your blog content with built-in RSS functionality. Let users subscribe and they’ll always get the latest information from your website delivered right to them. Are you a FeedburnerTM user? Integration is built-in.

Continual upgrades

Because it’s a hosted service, we can add new features at any time and you don’t have to do a thing. New features are added regularly at no additional cost to you.

Cross-browser compatibility

All you need is a web browser — any web browser. Our system works across all operating systems (Windows and Mac) and across all major browsers.

Rock solid hosting

Your website is hosted in our top-tier hosting facility on amazing servers supported by redundancies on each and every critical system.

Built-in image editor

Upload, resize, crop, rotate, flip and resave images right inside the interface. No need to utilize external image editing software when everything can be done right on our system.

HTML code access

Code view gives advanced editors direct access to the HTML. Just click an icon to switch between visual editing and code view.

Powerful administration

Create pages, add and edit content, manage users, and build your website easily using familiar tools – no programming needed.

FTP access

Advanced users will appreciate the ability to upload and manage files and designs directly on the web server via FTP.


Podcasts are a snap with the power of our Blog and RSS syndication features. Simply attach your media files to blog posts and send out your feed.


Easily accept online donations without bulky payment systems or expensive merchant accounts. Your EMG-CMS website and a PaypalTM account are all you need.

File management

Upload images, documents, flash files and other media to the server with easy to use controls. Organize your files into folders. Edit images directly on the server.

Website search

Our website search allows your visitors to quickly find the things they’re searching for, and because it’s built-in you’ll keep those visitors on your website.


Check out real-time, built-in website traffic statistics. You’ll see which pages are popular and where visitors are coming from.

Secure private content

Any page or portion of a page can be locked down with custom permissions allowing you to create members-only content or even an entire intranet.

Users and roles

Add multiple users to your site and assign them to customized roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management.


Manage events and display calendars in a variety of ways. Already using another calendar service like GoogleTM Calendar? Display data from those external calendars on your website using iCal feeds

Ready to get started?  Contact us today to sign up for your free account and be on your way to website freedom like you’ve never experienced before!

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