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Avoid the hassles of installing and maintaining your own site.

“Instead of spending my time waiting on a web designer to get around to making my changes, I’ve been able to easily make changes myself and keep my site up-to-date when I need it done! This system is so easy to use any newbie can do it!” –JS, Atlanta, GA


Option # 1 : $1200
We can work with you to design and implement a brilliant business website using one of the most user friendly platforms out there – WordPress. We install and build out your WordPress website using professional templates that allow you to update your site when you want. These websites function not only as your business brochure, but also include the function of “blogging” allowing you to share your knowledge and hearts desires with others. Simple to understand training is included with every web project. Never have to wait for your web designer to get around to your updates – you are in total control of your content and frequency of updates.

WordPress website design from custom template (1 design concept, 5 pages min.) Purchase of photographs, templates, custom logo banners, etc. is not included and will be priced as additional service. Monthly hosting fee is not included and dependent upon hosting package selected. We use reliable hosting companies to host all of our sites – at $8.00 / mo. or $70 /yr our hosting solutions are one of the best deals available. Secure your own domain name for only $10.00.

Ready to get started? Contact me, or go ahead and purchase our WordPress Design Package Option #1 below.

Option # 1 : $1200


Our EMG Premier Website solution is web-based software. You don’t have to do a thing to get it going or to keep it running.

Set-up your sites with just a few clicks

Instead of a lengthy installation process for each website, you can create new sites in seconds with our web-based EMG-CMS system.

No plugins or add-ons to install or configure

Every EMG-CMS website comes complete with all available features active and ready to use.

We keep it running for you

If there’s ever a problem with a website, we’ll fix it. Don’t spend your time on support, let us handle the maintenance.

Continual upgrades happen automatically

We roll out updates to the software constantly. They happen behind the scenes, with no disruption in service, and they apply to all websites on our system instantly.

Friendly support is at your service

From our easy-to-understand support websites to our quick-response email support, you’ll never have to spend your time searching for an answer to trying fix an issue.

Affordable Pricing To Fit Any Budget

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