Get Practical Tips – Promotional Items Made of Leather for Business Advertising

By jschlosser • December 9th, 2008

It is vital that to get the maximum (ROI) when purchasing logo products. The aim of this article is to briefly discuss how our five senses are affected when producing products which will carry a marketing message. For many purchasers these five senses are ‘pampered’ to, to produce items for promotional giveaways that convey quality in sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.


Anything whose main purpose is to produce sound should always give the user a feeling of quality. Items such Radios should convey quality to be perceived as good quality in its manufacture. Items which when in use produces sound should have that quality sound. This is where items is made of certain materials or have distinctive quality finishes. Items made of materials such as metals should be able to ‘sound’ durable. Rolls Royce and Lexus spend inordinate lengths of time and money to produce car doors which give a certain ‘solid’ sound when closed. This conveys to the purchaser a feeling that the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to produce that item.


Probably the most important part to a promotional product is the look of the item. They say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. A logo item that stands out either because of its colors or its design and shape will make for the most cost effective product. Innovative and creative design in its shape or materials used will make for an effective promotional product. An item which has a decorative finish compared to a plain finish will give the impression that the maker/producer has gone that little further to produce an item which shows consideration in its production.


We have in the past produced items which are great for promoting your business. Some items can be expensive but there can be no limit on purchasing a quality product. A quality product is not only appreciated by the client but gives an impression of the business as being ‘quality’ also. Many pens are purchased for promotions, designs including rubber grips are chosen as they have a better ‘feel’ in daily use.


Air fresheners are probably the first item which leap to mind when discussing our sense of smell. Another item which conveys a smell is that of leather products such as Wallets through to Conference Folders. Leather will convey a sense of quality compared to a budget Plastic product. Leather promotional products carry the unmistakable smell which for many conveys a long life product of quality.


We recently produced some mints for a company. These were plastic credit card shapes and have about 50 mints. The company’s logo and business information can be printed onto the plastic credit card sized package. This is one of the most interesting giveaways that can be used to help promote your business. This product is not only useful as a breath freshener but is something that can be shared with anyone as well as the client. This also has the advantage of being seen by a wide audience when being shared around. We are able to have logos printed onto all manner of confectionary and its packaging including cough sweets etc. Items available include Chocolates, Mints Cards, Drops & Pastilles, Metal Tins, Boiled Sweets, Energy & Vitamins, Lollies, Jellies and Rock.


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