How to Exploit Promotional Pens for Advertising Purposes Properly

By jschlosser • October 13th, 2008

The good old promotional pen can be used as a powerful advertising tool. There are many varieties about and you will see and use them all of the time. From giveaways, to left on shop counters and well positioned in hotel rooms, they are hammering their message down our throats all of the time.

Whilst relatively cheap and easy to source, with just a little imagination soon everyone will know about your business. And that’s just for starters! Here’s our 3 golden rules for promotional pens.

Golden rule 1 – Don’t be put off by cold callers trying to sell you expensive pens!

At first glance promotional pens that are printed with your company logo, name or contact details can seem quite expensive when you are approached by a sales person. But remember that they are leaving room to offer you a “discount” and are also probably offering you a high end product, knowing that if you are unsure they can then try to sell you a lower priced alternative. With just a quick bit of shopping around you can produce something that’s much cheaper.

Golden rule 2 – There’s a good range of inexpensive options.

Plenty of charities, surveys and the likes are happy to give out free pens. These are usually the cheapest pens on the market and could be a good place to start from. Costing just a few pennies each, which includes having your details printed on the pen, with only a little imagination they can be great for getting your details over to the buying public.

Obviously, if you are advertising an expensive end product, then the basic stick ball pen might not be quite the right image for you, but you can quickly find better looking pens, including the familiar promotional Parker Pen, without having to spend a small fortune.

But why use promotional pens?

Giving out business cards and flyers might seem a good idea, but how many just get thrown out with the rubbish straight away or squashed into a pocket? With a pen it is something useful – it’s something that the recipient is more likely to want to keep and then every time they see or use the pen they will be reminded of your business. A marketing tool is only good for as long as it is on the person’s mind – by giving them something they want to keep, it’s on their mind a lot longer.

Now you just have to work out how you are going to distribute the pens!


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