How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Post Titles

By jschlosser • September 10th, 2011

Fascinating blog posts usually have matching titles – putting your time into creating great blog post headlines is what will help you get more people to read your work and offer feedback. This is how it can be done.

Make a Pledge: You can use many approaches to attract your target market and convince them to read your article. However, one particular method that can work extremely well is making claims and promises that you can back up.

If executed the right way, these particular titles can take your blog posts to the next level. To be honest, there isn’t one person who wouldn’t be happy in getting a little something more than they asked for or something tempting that promises to deliver. You will immediately pull people in to read the whole post because they will be curious regarding the offer you make in your headline. You need to be careful though, because you need to make sure that the content of the article complies with the headline and makes a good impression on the reader. If he/she feels that your post hasn’t lived up to the promise in the title, then it will obviously backfire, and you’ll lose a reader, as simple as that.

Create for the Audience: When you’re writing blog posts, it’s very easy to think only of the search engines and enter “Search Engine Optimization” mode. Despite the fact that it’s a good idea to optimize your blog for the search engines, you need to make sure you are writing for your readers first and the search engines second. You have to balance the content with how you write it and that also refers to the title of your article. Do your keyword research well in advance so that you can introduce the terms naturally in the title, which will help you avoid getting stuck in SEO mode. Every single title that you write for your blog posts has to be written to impress and attract human readers, and not the search engine spiders, because if you’re unsuccessful at making your readers happy, even the search engine traffic will be of no use.

Questions Attract: If you use a question instead of a headline, you will find that people will be more tempted to read what you have written. There are many blogs that utilize this method of writing a headline and most of the time it is successful. This strategy is extremely efficient at sparking the curiosity of your target market and getting them to want to read more. Your question needs to be related to your niche and the subject matter, so be careful you don’t mislead your audience. Think of questions that tackle pressing issues in your niche and desperately require an answer. The more interesting your question is, the better the chances of grabbing a bigger piece of the pie.

Owning and managing a popular blog means doing quite a few things, including writing excellent quality posts. As a blogger you should understand that a good blog post is not just about the content you’re offering but also how you’re able to attract your reader’s attention with the right titles.


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