Jason Brailow Announces Partnership With Redline Marketing Group

By jschlosser • October 13th, 2008

On August 8, 2008, two major players in the media buying space joined forces to create a high-powered full-service direct marketing company. The President of Crush LLC, Jason Brailow, signed a letter of intent to partner with RedLine Marketing Group. Redline are an industry leader in their specialty of online sales lead generation. Crush LL expect RedLine to generate more than $2 million of additional pre-tax revenue this year.

The letter of intent affirms that Crush will Partner with RedLine Marketing Group, thus allowing Crush to broaden their service base and thereby become a truly full-service media company. Crush LLC’s core business has focused on taking products to market via radio, TV, and print. “Adding an online marketing division will only add to Crush’s strengths,” states CEO Jason Brailow.
RedLine Marketing Group is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. RedLine Marketing Group are known for creating one-of-a-kind, permission-based online lead generation campaigns that have found widespread acceptance throughout the Internet marketing industry. RedLine Marketing Group specializes in the provision of permission-based telemarketing leads to call centers around the world. They are widely respected for creating programs and media campaigns resulting in highly qualified, revenue-generating sales leads, while at the same time maintaining very strong relationships with many major Internet affiliate marketing networks. The company’s reputation in the industry and reliability, stability has made them into a leader in the Internet marketing industry.

Jason Brailow, a marketing specialist whose work focuses on radio and TV media, founded Crush LLC in 2004. The partnership with Redline represents a strong commitment to Internet marketing.

Jason Brailow, commenting on the partnership, stated his reasons for pursuing the partnership as follows: “Two main factors make Crush unique in the market place. First, we are one of the few companies that have a broad reach in all marketing channels: TV, radio, print, and now the Internet. This gives us the ability to provide our clients with a full range of media expertise. Second, we develop and market all of our own products as well. Thus, we have the knowledge and experience from running our own campaigns of what works and what doesn’t. This is something our clients truly appreciate.”

Brailow continued, “Partnering with RedLine Marketing Group is a move that will help us to continue growing on the solid business base we’ve established. The synergies that exist within the partnership are virtually limitless. We couldn’t be more excited about joining forces and leveraging these synergies toward more efficient and more profitable mutual growth.” Brailow then elaborated, “RedLine has an impressive list of loyal publishers who have been successfully marketing offers from RedLine for years – RedLine treats their publishers with respect and integrity.” Jason Brailow’s assessment and justification for the partnerships clearly demonstrates that all parties involved have high expectations for this partnership.


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