Make Money Online – The Low Down

By jschlosser • October 23rd, 2008

Though it is true that it is possible to make money online, most advertisements and sites promoting products that promises people that they can earn money online almost overnight and without breaking a sweat is most probably exaggerating. The problem with the Internet is that it is a favorite medium of many hype-makers, those who blow up, and sometimes twist, facts in order to take advantage of unsuspecting and naive Internet newbies. The reason why the Internet is prone to abuse is that people can operate a business in it without being known or seen. Some unscrupulous individuals abuse the anonymity that the Internet provides in order to earn quick cash.

The truth is, doing business on the Internet is not much different from doing business in the outside world. This means that, in order to make money online, you still need the virtues that make a successful traditional entrepreneur such as hard work and patience. Indeed, succeeding online takes time, effort and, of course, determination and the will to succeed.

In order to be truly successful in making money online, it is best to stay away from so-called gurus that sell nothing but hype-filled products. More often than not, the products offered by these gurus contain wrong information that can even jeopardize your Internet business. For example, there are Internet marketers that prescribe methods that are considered as “black hat,” or those that are bordering on the illegal and unethical. Using this methods is dangerous since they can get you banned from certain sites.
Then there are other marketers who sell nothing but fluff, products that are so overladen with useless information you get drowned in jargon just reading it. These products can cause what is known as paralysis from analysis, or the state of being unable to act because of too much information.

When it comes to making money online there are just some simple, easy to follow guidelines that have been tested over time by many successful Internet marketers. The first thing you need to have, of course, is a good product, either your own or by another merchant. Next you must have a defined niche market to whom you will sell your product. Then, you must be able to present your product or service to your market in an efficient and cost-effective manner. After that, you will need an effective sales processor and an effective delivery system.

If you have all these basics covered then you don’t need anymore hype to succeed and make money online.


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