Marketing With T-shirts And The Benefits

By jschlosser • October 28th, 2008

Marketing with t-shirts has long been a promotional industry standard. First of all, they are incredibly cost effective, everyone loves to get them, and they are easy to produce.  I have been designing and producing imprinted sportswear and t-shirts since 1991 when I started my business with a friend in our living room – sound familiar?  We called our business endeavor Tom and Joe’s Excellent Adventure.  Yeah, we never heard from Bill or Ted on that one, but did enjoy the numerous adventures we went on.

Today you can imprint on just about any kind of t-shirt material know to man – Eco Friendly seems to be the latest craze.  Shirts made from bamboo or recycled plastic of all things.  These tend to be a bit more expensive than the off the shelf 100% cotton variety, but more trendy.

Like promotional coffee mugs or imprinted pens, marketing with t-shirts is easy and affordable for you to do. You can do some research to find the best place to purchase bulk t-shirts. Then find a reputable screen printer to do the contract work.  However, it helps to find a person with knowledge of the industry and capabilities of the material and method before you start.

Knowing how to set up your art files is critical to ensure you get what you want.  Do not just hand over  your JPG art and expect to get a masterpiece in return.  Typically, with screen printing, it’s not an exact science, but you usually get what you start out with.  if the art is no good, well … you get my point.

Promotional shirt printing and promotional mugs or pens are just a start to promoting your business. There are many things you can do and will want to continue to do. It’s all about return on your investment.  I think for the longevity factor, imprinted sportswear and t-shirts is the way to go.

Give promotional shirt printing a try.  If all else fails and it doesn’t turn out like you wanted remember what you learned in the process and how much that will benefit you.  Not to mention the cool cutsom designed t-shirt you can now give to your friends and family!

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