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By jschlosser • July 23rd, 2010

Have you checked out MarketMeTweet yet?

Stop! When you post your messages to Twitter, no matter which of the popular applications you use, did you realise that you’re giving away valuable real estate and backlinks to someone else?

If you use TweetDeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite, or virtually any other application, go check your Twitter feed now and you’ll see what I mean. Every single tweet you post on YOUR page has THEIR name on it, plus a link back to THEIR website.

So, every time you tweet, you’re advertising THEM!

And, until now, there wasn’t a darn thing you could do about it.


Earlier today I came across the solution to the problem and when you know how, it’s an amazingly quick and simple thing to fix. All it takes is 5 minutes and then you’ll be able to:

  • Brand your tweets with your own name.
  • Insert a link back to your own website.
  • Manage all of your twitter Marketing Efforts in ONE tool.

The solution is “Market Me Tweet.”

This is a revolutionary tool.

Just go to the page, download the software and follow the easy instructions to get started.

Another reason to give this a try – Did you know Twitter recently announced all Twitter Apps will have to migrate to something called OAUTH by June of 2010. What does this mean? Well, most Twitter Marketing Apps do not follow Twitters rules, and will stop working once the change happens.

But not MarketMeTweet!

is one of the only Marketing Apps that follows all Twitters Rules and Regulations.

Tammy Fennell, Co-Founder of MarketMeTweet, has been working closely with Twitter to make sure it is 100% Twitter compliant. So when you buy her tool, it will continue to work, and continue to improve! She recently announced that all updates for this awesome desktop app will be free!

Grab your copy here: MarketMe Tweet

To Your Marketing Success …

PS: Watch the tour video here: WATCH THE VIDEO

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