Online Attraction Marketing – Ann Sieg And Mike Klingler Join Forces

By jschlosser • March 18th, 2009

Online attraction marketing is about to get a big facelift. If you have been struggling with the attraction marketing formula concept then help is on the way…in a big way!

The online attraction marketing arena is abuzz right now. Why? Well, since the release of Ann Sieg’s new report The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto recently, network marketers are clamoring for a front row spot for the launch of The Renegade Professional.
The Renegade Professional will be the go to training ground for online attraction marketers with step-by-step training on all facets of marketing an internet network marketing business online.

The Attraction Marketing Videos

You’ll get attraction marketing online training 101 and the truth is, your business will never be the same. Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler, who have teamed up to create the new attraction marketing training ground have been busy working behind the scenes recruiting some of the best talent in online attraction marketing strategies.

As a lead up to the big launch, a series of videos will be available to you. These are intended to get you going if you’ve been struggling with implementing the attraction marketing strategies. They contain information never before seen and would qualify as an expensive stand alone product on their own.

Ann interviews Mike and he holds nothing back. In this video, she coaxes some amazing secrets out of Mike. One of the most important aspects of Klingler’s training with the Renegade Professional has been his ability to communicate the delicate steps required with a lot of the online strategies, steps which look challenging otherwise.

Mike has highly unusual skills. He can teach just about anybody how to get free, quality leads from the Internet – for retail products or business opportunities. Mike has tried everything under the sun — friends and family, knocking on doors, cold-calling leads, fax blasting, newspaper and magazine advertising, even TV commercials!

Mike Klingler has been a perfect example of what Ann Sieg taught in The Renegade Network Marketer and now in The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto. He saw a need for struggling network marketers unable to implement the attraction marketing principles outlaid by Ann. So he created The Renegade Professional.

Now, he’s joined forces with Ann Sieg and together, they have taken online attraction marketing to a whole new level.

You can try out what he shows you right after you watch this online attraction marketing video. It’s the first in a series of training videos which you get free. These are cutting edge strategies not just suited to network marketers but any niche you’re involved with online.

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