We offer a wide range of products to make you successful. No matter where you are in your business or ministry, either just starting out or an early stage ministry, we can help you be more productive, for less money and less time. Check out these useful tools that thousands of small business owners have used to be more productive, more successful and lead better lives.

Graphic Design Services

Our expert team of graphic designers can create an identity package for you that will get you results. Simply visit our DESIGN page and review and purchase the option that is right for you.

Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit

Authored by the master himself, Mitch Myerson, this Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit is a 6 week study and has everything you need to jump start your small business today! Full of templates, case studies, and how-to’s this is the essential tool that every nonprofit needs.

Contact us for more information.

12 Week Faith-based Nonprofit Bootcamp

A 12 week virtual bootcamp where you will join forces with other leaders going through the same issues you are facing. This Nonprofit Bootcamp will take you through a strategic process, step by step on how to start and maintain a faith-based nonprofit. You will receive the Nonprofit Toolkit, a 168 page course manual, ready to use templates and more. During this 12 week course you will be coached by Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Joe Schlosser and several world renowned coaches. One of our guest coaches will be Craig Valentine, MBA and the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking. Craig is also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. He will be co-coaching on a 3 part topic of Public Speaking. We will also have special guest coaches speaking on topics of Prayer, Funding, Board Development, Branding and Guerrilla Marketing, Vision and Purpose, Using Technology, and General Business Practices.

To find out more about this exciting virtual Bootcamp, contact Joe Schlosser using our Contact Us page.

Training Seminars

At Excellent Marketing Group, our focus is in “Helping You Mind Your [Ministry] Business” to be more successful, generate more income, and have more time to spend with your family. We have an incredible group of certified coaches ready to share their knowledge with you. If you are interested in scheduling one of our One Day Impact seminars on Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits or Big Funding for Low Cost, contact us and we’ll be glad to get you on our schedule.

Get Key Marketing Essentials Now!

Join hundreds of other small business and nonprofit directors in receiving your monthly Key Marketing Essentials. Receive timely information and useful tips and strategies for reaching out to your audience. You can simply fill out the form below to join today! Is your organization missing out on key, low cost, high impact strategies that will save you time and money?

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Email Marketing with iContact

The email client we use for all of our email campaigns is iContact. This is an incredible online program that allows you to engage your audience in ways never before imagined. They offer a FREE 15 day trial, so go check them out! We highly recommend this very user friendly system of connecting and engaging with your key audience.

Vista System Building Signage

Getting people into your building is important, and the products listed above will help you do just that. But once you get them there, will they know where to go? Having simple, clear signage is critical in the “first impression” phase of the relationship with your audience. We can help you find the right type of signs to use – from banners and posters to inexpensive, fixed wall-mounted signs that offer a lot of flexibility. We highly recommend Vista System Signage – With their modular system they can provide any kind of sign to suit any need. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs.

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  • Nonprofit Bootcamp

    This fast-paced, 12-week online course will help you be more successful and live the life you dream of living.
  • Marketing Essentials Impact Seminar

    This one-day seminar will bring you tips and strategies that you can immediately start implementing to impact your nonprofit or small business.
  • Marketing Book Store

    Our Recommended Reading List is one that will inspire you to greatness. Check out these titles on Guerrilla Marketing, Branding and Promotional Products.