9 Inexpensve Promotional Products For Your Business

By jschlosser • March 29th, 2009

Most companies tend to pull back on their promotional marketing efforts in an economical downturn.  However, that is probably the worst thing a company can do.  Statistics have shown that those companies that continue to market and promote their brand through these difficult times, are the ones that survive it.  Advertising and marketing doesn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money.  In fact promotional products are a great way to advertise your product, service or business and provide useful items at the same time.

Every seasoned guerrilla marketer knows the power of an inexpensive, branded item being used over and over again by a prospect.  Some suggestions of popular, inexpensive promotional products for the benefit of a business are as follows:

1. T-Shirt Printing

Imagine the exposure your business will get with random people wearing shirts displaying your company’s logo. Everyone wants to belong to something.  Providing t-shirts of your brand, product or service allows people to indicate theri affection for your product or brand.  For roughly $5.00 a shirt, this can be easily done – not a bad return on your investment.

2. Water Bottles
Everywhere you go, you see them.  In this eco-friendly world, more and more people are wanting to move away from the use of old plastic throw-away bottles and start using refillable eco-friendly water bottles.  Companies are seeing this trend and starting to provide their customers water bottles that are re-usable but are branded with companies logo or message.  Summer is the perfect time to launch a campaign like this.

3. Temporary Tattoos
Fun, hip, and cool.  Some corporations hold events where they hire a tattoo artist who puts the company logos on the guests’ arms, wrist, shoulders or other visible parts of their bodies. It may only be temporary but at least these people know about the company. In fact, they can say they wore the company!

4. Stickers and Labels
Just like tattoo, companies invest in stickers and labels for people to spread the word about their business. Car magnets are a great way to advertise your brand as well.  Think of hwo many eyeballs see your brand driving around town.

5. Mouse Pads
Darth Vader and Bart Simpson should not be the only ones gracing on mouse pads. Your company logo can do the same. At least with this promotional product, you will be sure that people get to see your company logo whenever they use their computers. In todays world of technology, this is a great product to use – inexpensive too!

6. Coffee Mugs
Imagine your company logo greeting your target customer every morning as he sips coffee.
Now that’s a smart move.

7. Pens and Pencils
Clearly the most popular promotional product businesses and companies resort to. Pens and pencils bearing company logos are everywhere simply because this is the most accessible. Hey, everybody uses pens and pencils.

8. Refrigerator Magnets
Just like coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets bearing the logo of the company will surely greet the target market a very good morning indeed. It will also greet the target market a very good evening when he grabs a midnight snack.

9. Balloons
Everyone loves color – one way to add this to your event and draw attention to it is to use balloons.  These come in all shapes and sizes.  Gieant inflatables can even be customized to represent your product.

Start using these inexpensive promotional products to keep your brand in front of people, and you will survive this weak economy.  It is all about getting people to remember you and your product.  If your brand name is constantly in front of them, you stand a better chance of making that sale down the road.

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