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Thank you so much for helping my business to move in such a positive direction. After just a few sessions, things are progressing so quickly. You are a great listener and are always able to articulate my next action steps clearly and concise.

Joe, you are very knowledgeable in many areas of business communication and marketing. I so appreciate your encouragement and expertise. I have so many programs, products and ideas
that I would like to contribute to my students and to the world. Now, with you on my team, I feel confident that I can reach all of my goals.

Play with heart,
Debbie Palmore
Play With H.E.A.R.T. Basketball Program


I am the Executive Director of an International Christian Ministry. Joe has been an extraordinary coach and mentor to me, enabling me to grow this ministry and to also to grow as an effective leader.

The first thing about Joe is that he is a genuine friend who has walked with me during difficult times of leadership. Leadership whether in politics, developing a business or in running a charitable organization is a lonely path. One needs friends who can tell you things you need to know or what you may not want to hear but need to hear!

He is warm and accepting and so while he may be in the role of a consultant or coach, from his heart there comes true friendship and a trust worthiness. It is out of this friendship that is amazingly effective as a coach and consultant. I know he is on my side and I can trust him to really work for my success and the success of the organization .

Joe has the gift of helping me be my best self and to achieve the goals for myself. He does not impose his own agenda on me, but rather has come along side and helped draw out of me and to effectively express my own deepest aspirations and dreams. These have been ambitious projects such as building the facilities and program for a 24 acres equipping center. Joe has been able to translate my vision into a practical business plan and to conceive buildings that will enable the program.

He has many times helped me think through difficult organizational issues or administrative challenges. He is amazingly creative at thinking out of the box and helping me think out of the box as well .

As I have developed new ministry programs (or what in the business world would be new products or services) Joe has provided a great wealth of practical advice as well as marketing experience. He has enabled me and my development team to develop effective business plans and marketing strategies that really work.

He also beings great gifts in helping me refine the product that we are developing and also to conceive the most effective ways of marketing it.

Part of his gift as a coach is really listening to you and carefully observing what is going on. Both in the market place as well in the organization. This means that when he does make suggestions they are really useful. He is not imposing some agenda on you but seeking to really help you accomplish what can actually be accomplished with the realities one is actually dealing with. Advice worthless if it is not doable, Joe’s advice over the years has been doable.

Recently I have been working on a major reorganization of this ministry. This involves developing a management structure for including people working in different cultures and locations. Joe has been extremely helpful in this whole process of thinking through all of the relationships and the flow of responsibilities and authority. He is gifted at taking complex ideas or organizational structures and putting them in charts and diagrams that helps everyone be on the same page.

Joe has also been very effective in coaching and mentoring other leaders in our organization. This has consisted both in developing management and marketing skills as well as helping our people be able to translate product or program ideas into reality.

I highly recommend Joe to you as a coach and mentor whether for an individual or a whole business that wants to reach their full potential.

Dr. Brad Long
Executive Director, PRMI


I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the excellent service you provided. You were extremely helpful with ideas regarding the first time visitors gift packet that I had to put together for my church.

I contacted similar online companies, and decided to work with you because you were the most patient, and took the time to fully understand my needs. Ultimately, the packet arrived, and the church was quite pleased with your work. Thanks again to you and your company for the great work you did!!! I will not hesitate to recommend you to other associates, and I look forward to working with you again!!!

Storehouse Church, Chicago, IL.


The Luke Project – Review Of Services To Date: 4/1/03 – 4/3/09

We have partnered with Joe Schlosser and Excellent Marketing Group for more than six years on a wide range of projects.

Joe and his team have provided the following services for The Luke Project, Inc. – Atlanta, enabling us to serve children more effectively, communicate our message and brand in a clear and concise way. he has always assisted us in raising volunteers and funds.

  • Design consulting for web page
  • iContact email template design and consulting
  • Awards and Trophies for sport programming
  • Graphic Design and Branding for sports programming
  • Promotional items for golf fundraising event

I would recommend ministries and businesses carve out time to sit down and gelan some of the marketing and life nuggets Joe has to offer. We utilize Excellent Marketing Group for strategic projects and especially enjoy the time Joe prays for our team as well as the children we serve. if you have any questions please call me at 678-754-7700.

Jeff Gorman
President – The Luke Project

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