Your Free Time Proven Advice About Promotional Bottle Openers

By jschlosser • October 13th, 2008

Promotional bottle openers can usually be designed and printed to your preferred 2d shape. They aren’t exactly expensive so are well worth buying and distributing in huge quantities. But once you have bought 500, 1000 or more – just how are you going to get them from the boxes and to your interested public? Here’s our top ideas 5 for using promotional bottle openers.

1 – If you are a mail order drinks seller then drop a free bottle opener into every order. The danger of mail order selling is not getting the repeat business. Someone finds your site, places and receives their order, drinks it and then wants some more. Where are they going to order from now? Can they remember where they ordered from last time? If they have a promotional bottle opener safely tucked away in their cutlery drawer then with every one they have opened they will have been reminded of your name.

2 – As an add on sale. Just leave a tub of bottle openers by the till and price them up well. Remember that the point is to get the items out to the public, not make a huge profit. So price them accordingly – maybe not even making a profit. Make the shape and design unique, eye catching and maybe even a bit of a gimmick. Sell these designs for a week or a month with a sign and picture of another design. Then sell the next design, then the next design…. This way you are encouraging your customers to return to buy again and again.

3 – Combine add on sales with trying to increase sales. Display a sign (in your shop or website) offering the bottle openers with orders over a certain amount or with certain products. Choose a target basket amount that is more than an average order or items that you make a high profit on. Try the trick again of using different styles to keep the customers coming back and buying more.

4 – Supplying a party? Well why not leave a few promotional bottle openers at strategic positions? They will be picked up by people needing to open their bottles and because of their small, compact size a few will fall into people’s pockets and be taken home. When it comes to their turn to host a party, hopefully the reminder (and the guilt!!!) will encourage them towards you.

5 – And if all else fails stand in the street outside of your shop and hand them out to everyone who walks past – they are doing no good to you in a locked cupboard! Or when you are attending trade fairs put a box on your stall and watch for them to go. A well designed and eye catching bottle opener won’t stay in the box for long and you’ll soon be getting your name known.


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